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Activities For Kids During Coronavirus School Closures

Photo of a child playing by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

As millions of children are displaced from schools across the country, parents and caregivers are all asking themselves, what will my children do all day? Here at Punkin Butt, we’re mothers ourselves, and we’re asking ourselves the same question. Along with these tips and activities we’ve provided here, organizations and institutions are sharing resources online.…

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Natural Ways To Alleviate Your Child’s Cough

Cough suppressants may actually be harmful for babies and  toddlers, since they can make them dizzy and restless. The side effects of any medication will be stronger in a smaller body, so you should be careful with any kind of medication. When you are considering giving your child medication, always consult with a doctor first. …

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Safely Soothing Teething Pain

Smiling mother and father holding their newborn baby daughter at home

We started Punkin butt because we accidently burned one of our babies’ gums by using straight clove oil. We were trying to do the right thing and use safe, homeopathic products for our child, but it ended up hurting them instead of helping.  We realized that there was a need for well-researched and developed products…

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Signs An Earache Is Becoming An Infection

image of a doctor looking into a child's ear

Here at Punkin Butt, we’re committed to creating and using homeopathic products to treat the general aches and pains that we and our children experience. There’s nothing worse than watching your child suffer, and in today’s blog we’ll be looking at ear pain — earaches and ear infections. Continue reading to learn more about the…

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4 Reasons To Use BPA-Free Products

image of eight empty plastic waterbottles

The FDA formally banned BPA in sippy cups and baby bottles in 2012, and manufacturers voluntarily stopped using BPA in these products for years prior to this legislation. Yet the dangerous additive continues to be used in other products, including food packaging and drinks in plastic containers. As parents who are concerned for the safety…

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The Healing Properties of Chamomile

Here at Punkin Butt, we understand the incredible, all-natural health benefits of organic herbs and essential oils. That’s why we’ve made our popular all-natural teething oils for babies with ingredients like chamomile, peppermint, and cloves! And we not only use homeopathic herbs in our formulas, we also use organic products as often as we can.…

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