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Punkin Butt for Paws – Teething Oil

Nothing is more difficult than seeing your puppy suffering from teething pain or hurting from Tattoo IDs. With Punkin Butt for Paws Teething Oil, relief is seconds away!

We’ve taken all the guesswork out of helping your furry friend naturally. Our teething oil is formulated to be safe to use straight out of the bottle — no dilution necessary — and can be used as often as needed.

Punkin Butt for Paws – Teething Oil has been used and loved by veterinarians and breeders for nearly a decade, and we’re finally offering it to the general public! Order this natural pet product today!


To use, simply dip a clean finger in the oil and rub on your puppy’s gums. You can also apply the teething oil to a toothbrush and brush it onto the gums. For use on tattoos, simply rub a little oil on the fresh tattoo and apply several times a day to keep the skin soft and soothed. This natural pet product gently numbs the skin and keeps it from scabbing and peeling off the ink.

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