4 Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Furry Friends Healthy This Winter


The winter season is filled with cool winds, rainy days, and cloudy skies. While the change in weather can be exciting for some, it’s important to realize that it can affect your pets in more ways than one. Good news — there are many precautions you can take to keep your furry friends healthy this winter. Continue reading for 4 tips & tricks to get the job done:

Stay Active 

You may feel discouraged to exercise when you look outside and see snow, rain, or wet roads. But, your doggos still need at least 30 minutes of exercise a day for their overall well-being. You and your animals can stay active by going on short-walks with the proper attire. Or, if you would rather stay inside for activities, consider using indoor toys like mazes, slow-feeders, ropes, or squeakers to help burn off their energy. You can even run up and down the stairs, or from room-to-room to get the ‘zoomies’ going! 

For those who can’t stand the winter weather, there are so many alternatives to playing at home or outside. You can find a local indoor dog park, take a stroll through the pet store, or even try out a doggie daycare! 

Invest in Dog Jackets

When you decide to step out into the winter weather, it’s imperative that you prepare your pup for the cold conditions. From paw booties to dog jackets, the possibilities are endless! Dog jackets can provide your furry friend with just enough coverage to keep them warm, but they are designed with enough freedom for running, playing, and more. Protect your doggie from frostbite, hypothermia, illness, and dry and itchy skin with a stylish and comfortable dog jacket this winter. 

Give them Gifts 

With the holiday spirit in the air, there is no better time to give your pups the gift of health and wellness. Think about getting new toys, delicious bones, nutritional supplements, or apparel for your pets. This can better prepare them for spending more time inside during the colder months. And, it will boost their mental health overall! 

Pamper Those Paws with Punkin Butt

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